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Organic Greens

Organic Green Vegetables in Bali

Sure, local supermarkets carry an abundance of pre-packaged and arranged salad kits and sure a lot of times they seem rather appealing. But, do you really know what is inside of that bag? And since you don’t, is that really something that you want to feed yourself or worse, your family?

How old is the produce that makes up the contents of that bag and where does it come from? Do the farmers that grow and harvest it practice environmentally sustainable techniques? Are the fruits and vegetables organic or are they grown thanks to the heavy usage of fertilizers and pesticides? There are so many unknowns in that bag it should be downright scary to open, much less eat.

Instead, think fresh vegetable salad and organic fruit salads. ‘Green’ salads, if you will. Choose produce that is grown and harvested sustainably and organically. This is the best choice that you can make for yourself, your family and your environment.

Choose to support the green movement in farming. Choose the healthier alternative. Sure, that salad kit is probably a bit cheaper, but in the long run putting questionable food into your body will cost you much more. Think about the fruits and vegetables that you buy and think about the food that you put into your body. Choose fresh, choose green!