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Organic Fresh Fruits

Organic Fruits in Bali

Of course buying organic fruit fresh always seems more appealing than buying frozen. However, many are unaware that frozen fruit, including frozen organic fruit, is still very good for the body. In fact, depending on where you are purchasing from, frozen fruits might even contain more of their original vitamins and nutrients than fresh.

When you purchase frozen fruits they are generally washed and frozen within hours of being picked to preserve the freshness of the fruit. But what many do not know, is that this also preserves the vitamins and nutrients in the fruit.

You see, after a piece of fruit is picked it immediately begins to lose its nutritional value. So, the longer it takes for the fruit to make it from the vine, tree, etc. to your plate, the less good for you it is. That is why, unless you have a local farmer down the street of which you can purchase organic fruit baskets and such from, then you might be better off buying frozen.

Besides the fact that buying frozen fruits preserves freshness and the nutritional component of the fruit, there is also the convenience and cost factor. Buying frozen fruit can often save you immensely due to the waste factor. This is because when you buy fresh you might often find that the fruit is already days old by the time it reaches your home, and that it therefore only has a matter of a day or two before it spoils; which leaves you having to throw the fruit out and waste the product. What a shame. Not only that, but when you buy frozen organic fruit you know that it will be there whenever you need it!