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A little bit about us

Get Organic Food in Bali

BaliOrganic.id is a team of environmental enthusiastics, who wish to help farmers in delivering their products to you directly. It will motivate them to focus more on organic farming. The purpose behind Bali’s organic farming trend is to promote environmental and social ideals not just on home soil, but across the globe. 

Organic Farming In Bali – For the People

Thanks to modern day sustainable and environmentally friendly farming techniques, the abundance of organic vegetables in Bali is now plentiful. When it comes to green vegetables, Bali farmers are working hard in the fields to ensure that local and international supporters of their farming efforts have plenty of healthy and organic mixed seasonal vegetables to indulge in.
The Bali farmers of today are nothing like what they once were, or rather were forced to be due to ‘traditional’ farming methods. Through much hard work and dedication to sustainable and environmental farming and harvesting, Bali farmers nowadays appreciate and respect organic farming for what it is and what it does for consumers and our planet.


The sustainable agricultural system put in place with the help of non-government organizations (NGOs), farmer’s unions and individual supporters, have given way to a farming movement in Bali that supports all organic produce.
These farming techniques are not just environmentally and socially sound, but they also support the premise that such a movement rightfully encourages small-scale agriculture that is the livelihood of family farmers across the region. The organic farmers of Bali have one thing in mind, protect the social and environmental interests of their native home, as well as promote healthy and sustainable eating and living for locals.