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Organic Meat & Seafood

Organic Meats

Organic meat includes any poultry, pork, or beef that comes from animals that were being raised on certified organic land, fed certified organic feed, had access to an outdoor area, and were not given any growth hormones or antibiotics. There are a number of other restrictions in place, too.

Why eat organic meat? Without any added hormones, antibiotics, GMO feed, or any other drugs, these meats are much healthier for you. The animals are fed a diet with a greater variety of nutrients, leading to better quality meat. These animals are treated more ethically, are given the chance to wander through large fields instead of being crammed into pens, and in general live better lives.

The organic meats available here at Bali Organic only come from reputable farms that have been certified organic and are regularly monitored to make certain they are continuing to use organic practices. For example, our chicken breast fillets and chicken thigh fillets all come from free-range chickens that are fed 100% organic feed and are also let outdoors where they can eat worms and other insects. This gives them much more nutrients than chickens that are only fed in pens.

If you’re looking to provide your family with healthy meat while promoting the humane treatment of animals, take a look at some of the organic meats we offer.