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Herbs & Spices

Organic Herbs in Bali

Are you one to substitute any and all calls for fresh herbs in a recipe for dried? If so, have you ever considered purchasing fresh and if not, why?

Fresh herbs are so much better on so many levels than dried. Not only do they taste better, but they are also much better for you. Fresh herbs have so many natural healing qualities that the use of dried should be outlawed! Even buying fresh from a local herb store and freezing what you do not use right away will preserve the natural qualities of the plant, which is much healthier for you than the dried version.

If you have never considered fresh, give it a shot! You will not be disappointed! Head over to your local natural herb store or organic herb store and see what you can find. Be it a simple basil bouquet or a large array of mixed herbs, fresh herbs can be used in so many different ways that you need not be deterred. Use them in recipes for a delightful fresh component; add them to olive oil for a surprisingly tasty addition; add them to body oils or baths for a relaxing and fragrant appeal; even place them in a bouquet on your window sill to brighten your day and sweeten the air of your home.

The possibilities truly are endless!