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Flaxseed Oil - Cold Pressed

Flaxseed Oil - Cold Pressed
Rp 429,000.00

Green Tosca Flaxseed Oil contains abundant of Omega-3 and has a pleasant nutty flavour. Cold pressed and extra virgin, Green Tosca Flaxseed Oil maintains maximum nutrition. It is packaged with nitrogen in a light proof container to retain natural goodness. As a highly polyunsaturated natural oil, Green Tosca Flaxseed Oil has the richest source of the valuable Omega-3 essential fatty acid. The nutty taste makes it great to drizzle over salads or mixing with cereals and cottage cheese.

Green Tosca Flaxseed Oil is best used for mixing with meals; salad dressings; marinades; and as substitution to other oils or butter.

Green Tosca Flaxseed Oil is available in 500ml glass bottle.